During childbirth, the obstetrician is responsible for monitoring the course of labor, ensuring the safety of the mother and fetus, and providing medical care in case of complications.

Here are some of the specific tasks an obstetrician can do during childbirth:

  • Evaluates the progress of childbirth. This includes measuring cervical dilation, fetal progress, and fetal heartbeat.
  • It offers analgesia and pain relief. Obstetricians can offer a variety of analgesia options, such as intravenous medications, epidural anesthesia, or oral medication.
  • It offers support and guidance to the mother. The obstetrician can help the mother breathe and push during contractions, as well as reassure and encourage her.
  • Supervise the birth of the fetus. The obstetrician can help give birth to the head and body of the fetus, as well as cut the umbilical cord.
  • It offers care to the newborn. The obstetrician can assess the health of the newborn and provide medical attention in case of need.

In case of complications during childbirth, the obstetrician may need to perform operations, such as cesarean section or epidural anesthesia. The obstetrician also works with other health professionals, such as midwives, nurses and anesthetists, to ensure that mother and newborn receive the best possible care.

Childbirth is a natural process, but it can also be a demanding experience. The obstetrician is there to provide support and care to mother and baby during this important time in their lives.

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